About me and everything

This is a blog about my encounters in the film world…

All kinds of encounters.

Because, when it comes to the old conflict between what is considered “artistic” or “commercial”, I am unable to take sides. And why should I?

I want to stand for those who refuse to be categorized into clear groups or fandoms.

That´s why I metamorphosed into “The Ambiguous Fan”. Someone free of gender schemes (and  so-called proper gender hobbies and interests), without clear preferences on artistic or commercial art scenes and someone trying to look at everything from different viewpoints.

And this blog is about all sorts of art meetings and about my life encounters with them. Because in my world everything relates to film and art (and everything media or pop culture related) . I can´t really say why. Maybe I am already too addicted.

I do have a big formal knowledge in the film area. As a BA graduate in Art criticism/Film journalism (and current MA student), I´ve spend years and years writing and arguing about movies. I found out, that when it comes to film, people really love to argue – or at least they love to express their own viewpoints.


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