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Why I am lost…

It´s been a long time since I played Mass Effect. And now its coming back, I can’t think of anything else than playing it again. There is a lot that needs to be done. Like finishing all my playthroughts, creating new Shepards and preparing myself for another week of a social ignoration.

But the thing is,  I am really looking forward to play Mass Effect 3. Too much, that I can’t do anything else.

What fascinated me about latest trailer Take Earth back is the Kid element. Nice to know that Mass Effect universe has kids (I hope it will be as much fun as seeing those rumored female species). That´s the second kid we saw in a one week. And they were all playing with Alliance ships. For a moments and plying with my FemShep I thought its going to be saving in a Ripley style. The truth is, I don´t really care about the kid, that kind of  -oh no you can´t kill children in action films stereotype never worked on me. But, I so want her toy. It can fly!

Well Bioware do tends to be sentimental. Shame to say, in other games or films it makes me cold, it works when they do it. Because that’s what they were always good at – emotionally attaching players to the characters they created. We love Shepard. It’s as if Shepard was real.

The epicness of a trailer. That just had to be. Shepard kicks asses. We always knew it and that’s why everyone love him (and that’s why Reapers hate him/her).

Shepard. To bad I will never see it in this version. I just can’t play as man, because I have been completely smitten by Jennifer Hale. But I swear I´ll finish my broShep playthrought soon. Very soon.

And Ashley. Good to know there are only hot woman in this universe. But don’t you mind the hair? I am sure it gets in way, if you try to shoot husks. In my world she always take a loooong holiday on Virmire. It just seemed pointless and illogical to save someone, who is lower rank and only a soldier – in a comparison to biotic and lieutenant and has a long record service in Alliance. Prove me wrong as much as you want, but no. If Ashley was a Biotic, I may consider ending her long-term holiday.

As much as I am looking to my loss of social life a may still say. Please Bioware don’t make it only invasion and collecting forces for the last battle story. I know that’s Bioware speciality. And that the reason why I still can’t get around to play DA2.

And please don’t hook Joker with robot. I already can’t stand her, because of my jealousy.