We are all strangers on a train…

At the beginning

I decided, that my first introduction to the amazing world of blogging should start with proper arrival. On a train. Because this moving platform is definitely my most favourite one. So it all starts on a train, especially on the one I had to take to Bristol, where I hope to fulfill my amazing film expectation (even thought I am having hard time suppressing  my conscience, which is still trying to accuse me of ditching my university assignments).

I always loved trains. To those who love cars, bikes, or boats or anything, trains are number one for me.  Some time ago I decided, that one day I will make a film about them. Like Buster Keaton did. Because if it wasn´t his love for the trains, world would never know the movie The General – in my opinion greatest silent comedy ever created.

They are spacious, comfortable (when staff can remember to turn heating on), with coffee service and sometimes (depends on country, certainly not in the UK) they are cheaper.  And bonus feature is – you can never know who you will meet there.
I had some very interesting encounters in all my train years, it´s just one of those this that happens. Take Hitchcock famous thriller Strangers on a train as an example.  That was one of an unforgettable chance meeting and it ended up with an offer no one can refuse. Even if you try.
Something like that can never happen in real life. And it´s too bad sometimes. It would bring some excitement into my boring life of a university student.  Craziest person I ever met on a train was one of those faint healers – he tried to heal another passenger broken arm.
One day, when I end my blog I´ll take a plain (intergalactic space ship would by me first choice, but we are still not there). That´s another one of favourite film platforms for action and important meetings – it´s something people and filmmakers can easily identify with.  I suggest Air force one as an example. I am sure that happens all the time.

So you can meet loads of interesting people on the train. And as I see, my train is already arriving and I need to get ready for another amazing encounter – this time with the cinema itself.